Monday, April 18, 2011

Locker Rooms Thieves Get Warrants

Three warrants are now out for "two adults" and "one juvenile" for the April 7 crimes in the Butts-Mere locker rooms. Seven UGA players had items stolen during a "faculty appreciation day" in which the locker rooms were unlocked (they are normally closed off). There were also recruits there that day, and they seem to be the culprit in this crime. Now...the report says that all three guys are from Columbus AND they are 2012 recruits can do the math. We (H2H) have a VERY good hunch who the recruits were but we are going to wait until later today to tell you how we know, because that is when the UGA Police are announcing the names (we don't want to call out possible underage kids in case we are wrong).

On a side note, I am a little concerned about the type of guys we are recruiting. I mean, how dumb can a kid be? Maybe they just REALLY hated Georgia. So bad in fact, that they would start stealing ipods and and iphones on a recruiting visit. It makes me sick and also makes me wonder how desperate Richt and Co. are for players. Sure, you can say, "How were the coaches supposed to know", but come can tell whether a guy is a "quality" guy after a couple of conversations. What's worse is that if these guys are found guilty -- especially the adults -- their college career is basically over before it began.

***As an addendum to this story, we knew about who the culprit was early last week. I probably could've thrown something together about this then, but in the words of Bill Shakespeare, "Discretion is the better part of valor, and I'd rather have them call you chicken than risk your life." There were also minors involved and a grown-up running a kid's name through the mud isn't what I'd call good taste.***


  1. How about an adult attempting to run another adults name thru the mud as you're attempting to do with CMR here. The purpose of the visits is to get to know the kid, interact with them, and find out their personalities. These are probably the same kids that every other school in the south were recruiting(and some probably still will) so your commentary is idiotic and pathetic. I stumbled across your site thru a link from another. I question your character so therefore I will never click or visit your site again. What a waste of time after reading your garbage.

  2. I second what the guy above me says... Your site is trash! All you do is bring a negative perspective on everything related to UGA football. I clicked on the video in the top right ( the one where you interviewed people before the TN game ) and every question you asked fans was something negative about play calling, etc.

    Will never be back to this site... Really feel like you are a fan of a different team, just starting drama.

  3. what they said again times 10

  4. People, first of all, ALL opinions are welcome so we appreciate the fact you speak with A LOT..excuse me..ALLOT of conviction. However, you guys are acting like I made this story up or something. Have you read the papers today? THERE REALLY WERE RECRUITS THAT GOT ARRESTED FROM COLUMBUS.

    As for our videos, WE HAD A LOSING RECORD AT THE TIME! We are a top-10 program. Yes, we were a little negative. We tell it like it is.