Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Little More on Deion Bonner and Crew

I just had to clear the air on this subject a little bit (and puff up my Martin "Investigative Blogger" Van Dawgin" street cred). First off, making a potentially life-changing decision like stealing a sh!t ton of electronics is never an idea that anyone ever seriously thought was a good one.

Secondly, marketing said electronics all over the interwebs without fear of repercussions isn't the best way to go about getting away with it. Now that all of these facts have been established for the 432nd time, I wasn't surprised when I heard this at 10:30 this morning- and there's a good reason why.

After hearing about the locker room thefts on Thursday, I heard some chatter over the weekend that a certain recruit from Columbus was involved. Though I didn't hear a specific name, it was pretty obvious that said recruit was a CB visiting from Carver on Thursday. After doing a little perusing, and it wasn't hard to find, I stumbled upon Deion's Twitter page, which can be found below:

So, needless to say, that was a pretty good indicator that the rumor I heard was accurate.

After mulling it over for 5 minutes and calling Dawgola to tell him about it, I decided that it probably wouldn't be a great idea to post something like that. Either way, those people who called me, in effect, the Northern Georgia Chapter of the Gator Club yesterday, would have completely lost their mind. Complete and utter blogosphere firebombing would have occurred pretty quickly thereafter. The usual, "Innocent until proven guilty (which I am a firm believer in, but when you're guilty, it's just a formality really)" would have easily been brought to my attention 46 times along with a host of other "you're not a legit journalist" acknowledgements. Yeah, I know folks...

And I know you probably don't believe me. After all I'm just some lowly little Georgia blogger. If you have a chance and don't buy it, just go and ask Bernie Dawg how he found out. He wasn't surprised yesterday morning either. I guess I missed my boat to gain some readers, but hopefully I won't lose any respect (of what I have left after all our readers quit reading yesterday) in the long run.

Even after all of that, I had hoped I was wrong. Making a decision like that is never something that you wish on anyone, even an Auburn guy... well... hmmmm... Anyway, I really hope all of the players get their stuff back (though, that doesn't appear likely) and this kid learns a gigantic lesson. Life is short and you only get one of them.


  1. So this post is supposed to say "I told you so" or "I was the one to break this story"...but you never really said anything?

    Got it...

  2. Martin-- I always open myself to criticism when "the bleeding-heart liberal" side of me sympathizes with highschoolers. Not in this case. These kids not only possessed the same gimmics, but also were selling the other stolen one publically as if they were entitled. The coach has held them out of next year's games, but I certainly hope that happens after they have been prosecuted for stealing and attempting to sell stolen goods. Not only should they never profit or be forgiven by society for "youthful indescretions", but they should be prohibited from ever setting foot on our campus again ever. They should have a criminal record to accompany them on any recruiting visits to whatever institution would be idiotic enough to recruit them. Not only have they stolen, but they have dissed our players, our Coach and our University.

    Pussyfooting around so as not to disturb the status quo will only hurt them further("Look! They are being careful of us because we may play on their team!") plus ensure that anyone recruiting them will seem to be grasping at straws for players. The coach at Columbus seems to have his cap on straight for what they have done, but I wonder if they would be available anyway if the school has any type of suspension policy. What's the suspension time given to felons in highschool? Every Bulldog should be angry for their stepping all over a bruised situation between their highschool and UGA.

  3. Nice to get noticed in the AJC. WTG.

  4. Thanks BIE. I was pretty surprised, needless to say.

  5. You can't fix stupid.

  6. Lets not beat around the hedges here (no pun intended). These kids are straight criminals and should be prosecuted and treated as such. They are thugs who thought they would get away with steals from our players and team. They shouldn’t be allowed to even come to the campus, let along play on the team. What is going to happen, is coach going to step up and say "hey guys look past these boys, I know they stole from you and ruined the trust between players on the team, but hes a great player." COME ON!!! That’s about the easiest way to ruin our locker room. Why not pass them off the Kiffen at USC…..that type of kid is right up his alley. They will fit in right with all of the trash and thugs he recruits.