Monday, April 11, 2011

Key Loss Along the Line for This Season

From the looks of it, Trinton Sturdivant's football career appears to be over. Seth Emerson has the story over at Bulldog's Blog. After already suffering through two ACL surgeries on his left knee, the third will come on his right one. It's really tough luck for the kid, who was thought to be the anchor of the line this year at LT. Best of luck in your recovery kid- keep your head up.

Ron Courson said the surgery will happen sometime this week and will do his rehab at Georgia. This quote, which came from Sturdivant the week before the Liberty Bowl, was in Emerson's article on the injury:

“To have it happen the second time, knowing the ultimate goal for every college player should be the NFL, to for that to be tarnished because of the injuries was tough,” Sturdivant said. “And being that you won’t be able to play with your teammates, and you don’t know if you’re going to be able to come off and play well. It was a serious struggle of mine.”

With the injury to Trinton, I believe Cordy has the holeshot on locking down the LT position. While it's a long way to September 3rd, I have a pretty good feeling that the line will shake out something like this:
  • LT- Cordy Glenn
  • LG- Brent Benedict
  • C- Ben Jones
  • RG- Justin Anderson
  • RT- Kenarious Gates
The LG position is the most fluid of the spots here, as I've been hearing good things about Chris Burnette at guard this spring. In my opinion, the most important guy along the whole line is Justin Anderson. If he can pull things together and play to 76% of his potential, I think we'll be ok. Gates will work his tail off and be alright out there. He's probably our most athletic guy on the line, so I'll be hoping he can come through like last season in a pinch.

Hopefully Trinton is in line to graduate and will complete a speedy recovery after surgery this week. He's a DGD and I wish him the best.

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