Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Justin Houston Reportedly Fails Combine Drug Test

Okay, all of you glass housers will most certainly point to that Janorris Jenkins post this morning and thumb your nose at me. If you do enough finger pointing at other teams, stuff like this will most certainly come back and bite you in the tookus. I've done my fair share, so there you go...

This little incident was reported by Fox Sports this morning. Houston, along with Iowa's Christian Ballard, both came up with some dro on their report card after the MANDATORY drug screenings in Indy. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure you might be able to lay off that stuff for at least a month or three prior to the BIGGEST THREE DAY JOB INTERVIEW OF YOUR LIFE.

Houston was possibly going to find himself in the bottom-half of the first-round on Thursday evening, but now his failed test along with his penchant to take plays off when they aren't headed to his side look like they may hurt him.

I can only shake my head here. What are these cats thinking?

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