Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Janorris Jenkins Busted for Pot For 2nd Time in 3 Months

We're a little late jumping on the bandwagon here, but it's nonetheless effective. It's not hard to imagine that the whole team at UF may be under the influence of THC, though I'd imagine there are at least 2-3 guys who are allergic to the stuff. Jenkins is making quite the habit of disobeying the Cartoon All-Stars and getting his party on with "the weed" as my granddaddy used to say.

This is a probation violation, thus he'll get some community service and a one game suspension, ensuring that, once again, no important Gator misses significant playing time. Have I heard this on ESPN ad nauseum? Sure haven't, but do you expect any less?

Once again, the double standard by the media is absurd.

Expected... but absurd.

***UPDATE (3:00): ESPN is reporting that Jenkins has been officially dismissed from the team. Therefore, we must give Muschamp SOME credit for his handling of this situation,***

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