Friday, April 8, 2011

Injured Bulldogs Leads to Yet Another Position Change

I know it is unusual for Georgia football players to undergo position changes during spring or fall practice, but it is actually happening (kilotons of sarcasm). Sanders Commings has been moved from cornerback to safety following a string of injuries by other defensive players:
  1. A concussed Christian Robinson
  2. Alec Ogletree has a strained groin (ouch)
  3. Mike Gilliard has a strained knee
  4. Jakar Hamilton also suffered a concussion
  5. Mark Deas has a tweaked hammy.
  6. Bacarri Rambo has a "tweaked" knee ligament
My guess: Commings will move BACK to corner during the fall....because that is what Georgia players do -- "find a new home" and never see significant playing time (A.J. Harmon and Kiante Tripp anyone?).

Actually, I think Commings will end up being a good player if he can actually stay at a position for an extended period of time. I just hope this rash of injuries doesn't follow us into the fall because none of them are season ending (so far).

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