Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Leslie's Departure Affects Next Season's Lineup

With Leslie now out of the picture, UGA's depth for next season took a little hit. With AT LEAST four new guys coming in next fall, here is how our lineup look as of right now:

G - D. Ware
G - Robinson
Wing - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
PF - Marcus Thornton
C - John Florveus

F - D. Williams
G - S. Brantley
F- C. Nolte
C - T. Dixon
G - V. Williams
F - N. Djurisic

Yeah, the thought of an unproven JUCO Center starting next season is a bit scary, but I doubt we offer a guy with only two years left unless he could start. Thornton may have to be cross-trained to play the 3 and 4, which will undoubtedly give me migraine-like headaches. Our bench looks VERY inexperienced (as usual) so it's no wonder Fox is trying to sign one or two more guys (who will also be inexperienced).

As for Kevin Ware, I think Leslie leaving certainly doesn't hurt our chances of landing him. He would probably get 20+ minutes a game as a freshman, especially if he could play the 3 at 6-4 like Leslie. As for the other big guys we've offered...I haven't heard anything other than John Cannon loved his visit to Northwestern last weekend....that's right, we might lose a recruit to Northwestern. (long sigh)


  1. If we get Kevin Ware is there a chance Mark Fox would start a four guard lineup and have Dustin Ware,Robinson,Caldwell-Pope,Kevin Ware,and Florveus all start?Plus,with the possibility of the frontcourt struggling next season I was reading about 2012 PF prospect Shaq Goodwin the other week and was wondering about the Dawgs chances of getting him next year or their chances of getting any of the other 2012 bigs?It could be a big class in 2012 if Foxy can work his magic.

  2. Anon,

    I'm not sure a four-guard lineup would work in Fox's offense. Personally, I think you will see a big step forward by Marcus Thornton next year. As for Shaq Goodwin, we're definitely in the mix but we've been in the mix for a lot of big recruits lately and have mostly struck out. Hopefully this time will be different because 2012 will be a huge recruiting year for the state of Georgia.