Monday, April 4, 2011

Hoops Recruiting Update: Evan Nolte Off the Board, and Some Other Tidbits

There was a very notable development in terms of the 2012 hoops recruiting class late last week. Connor Nolte's younger brother, of Milton HS lore, decided to take his talents to Charlottesville and play for Tony Bennett's rebuilding Virginia squad. 

The 6'8 Nolte isn't extremely athletic, but is a very good shooter and will likely end up around 6'10 or 6'11, making him a future C/F prospect with a guard's skill set. Sure would have been a nice addition to the team, as those type of guys don't grow on trees.

Nolte has always expressed his desire to play in the ACC, so it was an a bit of an uphill battle for the Dawgs anyway. I was pretty optimistic we'd end up with Nolte and this news came a little surprising, especially since the ACC as a whole has been down for the last few years. Good luck to him though, UVA is a really nice place to spend 4 or 5 of the best years of your life.

So what does this mean for the rest of the class? This makes Brandon Morris an even larger priority. If you don't know about Brandon, he's a 6'7 small forward out of Miller Grove (former teammate of Donte Williams and current teammate of Tony Parker) that has "a ton of upside" and is very, very athletic. 

Morris has a very good set of tools and is probably one of the more underrated prospects in the country. I'd be tickled pink if Mark Fox got his signature, but as usual, we'll be fighting the Gators for it (and they're currently #1). For a little look at his skills, take a look at him below- he's #31.

Also of note was Oak Hill Academy's Jordan Adams and his performances on ESPN last weekend. I got the chance to watch Adams and let me tell you, this kid can absolutely fill it up. While he's not overly athletic, he's one of the most offensively skilled kids you'll find on the hard wood. I wasn't really high on this kid before watching him on TV, but he's one of the best I've seen UGA go after in the last five years.

The Dawgs are currently the favorite here, but if his game continues to develop I'd watch out for him getting some interest from the big boys like Carolina and Kentucky. He currently lists offers from the likes of Marquette, Syracuse, UCLA, Tennessee, and Florida. Speaking of Tennessee, he was reportedly ready to commit to them last summer, but something held him up. I'd imagine he's pretty thankful he didn't commit at this point.

Anything else that you hoops fanatics want to know while I'm in the mood?


  1. Why is Andy Landers still the Lady Bulldawg's coach? He isn't a very good recruiter. They always seem to be a very mediocre team. Sometimes having a great year. Has he signed the #1 player in Georgia lately? Watching Miya Moore play for UConn and her being from Georgia isn't good. I think the #1 girl this year in Georgia is going to UConn. Why cant he get the top Georgia players?

  2. Is there any chance that we will still get 2012 SF Damien Wilson?I also watched him play alongside Jordan Adams this weekend on ESPN and it said under the list of colleges he was considering that UGA was one of the tops schools.I also read a story on sometime late last year that the Dawgs were his favorite.If so I would likely rather have him playing for Georgia in 2012 than Brandon Morris wouldnt you?

  3. Any more news on Kevin Ware yet?

  4. All,

    Here's a comprehensive answer post.

    -Anon 8:30,
    I don't care about women's basketball enough to gripe about Andy Landers. It's a non-revenue sport, so I don't get my feathers ruffled over sub-par performance. I know that's probably not the PC answer from a Georgia sports blog, but it's frankly the truth.

    Anon 11:40,
    We've cooled pretty quickly on Wilson. He's a slasher that does well getting to the rim, but as you saw, has trouble finishing. His shot has a long way to go. I'd much prefer Morris over Wilson. He's more skilled and he's a far better finisher. If Morris makes an improvement in his perimeter game, he could be virtually unguardable in half-court sets.

    IMO, Morris >>> Wilson. I'm not getting caught up in the rankings hype of the two.

    Anon 11:53,

    No news on Ware. There's a dead period until the 8th at noon, so don't look for a lot of new info on Ware until then. He'll likely have some in-home visits after that and then take a few visits. I'd guess UTk, GTU, and UGA would probably be the three most likely to get a visit.

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