Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoops Recruiting Update: Cannon, Peters, and.... KEVIN WARE???

You read that title right and I've got a few little tidbits on him, but I'll keep you in stitches for at least a few seconds. Getting news right now revolving around any basketball recruiting is hard to do, as most of the top-tier guys have already announced their destination. Part of the problem is that it isn't really like football, where schools continue to recruit a player after they commit. When a guy makes his pledge somewhere, everyone else pretty much calls off the dogs... well except for Kentucky, but we all know about them.

Anyway, I've come across a few small nuggets to toss out there during this lull. We'll start first with two guys that the Dawgs are looking to add in 2011 and/or 2012, depending on an early graduation possibility.

John Cannon, C, 6'10 - Burnsville, NC

It looks like Cannon will be visiting Athens for the second time starting tomorrow. From what I hear, he had to cut his last visit short. Cannon finished his high school career with the North Carolina High School Association record for blocks at 606. He averaged 22/12/6.5 this season with Mountain Heritage while being named conference player of the year.

Word is that he has eliminated Old Dominion and, although UNC is in the picture, he's only being offered preferred walk-on status with some financial aid. Cannon says that this will likely come down to Northwestern/Georgia in the end, so you have to think that our chances are at least decent. With the second visit coming in a week, I have some reason to feel pretty good about him.

From what I hear, he will be deciding sometime late next week. If we flunk out again on a relatively local kid and he makes the trek to Evanston, IL I will be extremely disappointed.

I'll keep you posted.

Richard Peters, C, 6'10 - Westwind Prep, AZ, (by way of Toronto, Canada)

This one's going to be pretty short, as info on Peters has become very scarce since the beginning of April. I've heard that the Dawgs may have a chance, but don't get your hopes up. He has known Raphael Chillious, who is at the University of Washington, no less, since he was 16. He's been pretty vocal in saying that the Huskies are number one, he is from Canada, and UGA is in Athens, thus making this a pipe dream.

He'll be a 2011 recruit if he can get his ACT scores in line, as he's good to go on core classes. It doesn't matter though, because he won't be heading down our way.

And now for your weekly Kevin Ware update.

Ware is playing in the Derby Classic in Louisville this week(end). There have been rumors flying around all week that since he isn't able to sign a letter of intent to UCF, that he's still entertaining the possibility of taking his other two scheduled visits to Louisville and Georgia. I didn't buy it, as it would have made ZERO sense to commit if he were going to look around anyway.

After various outlets had indeed confirmed that Ware was, in fact, not waivering in his commitment, something interesting happened last night.

According to Michael Carvell of the AJC, as Ware was introduced and trotted out onto the court, his name was announced and followed by the school to which he was committed. Only the PA guy didn't announce that he was committed to UCF, he said he was "undecided". Take a look at Carvell's tweet (via Louisville Sports Live):

While this may be intriguing to some, I'm not buying any of that ocean-front property. Ware has said on multiple occasions that he's going to be a Knight and I have no other reason to not believe that- even considering this. I'd estimate that the PA guy just didn't want the poor kid to get booed all night. Like I said earlier, we all know how those folks are in Kentucky about basketball.

That about wraps it up for now.

Any questions out there? Dawgola and I do try and answer the comments to the best of our ability, so check back with us for some 'splainin should you ask.


  1. Project the starting 5 for next season (then first of bench, second, etc.). Include recruits that haven't yet committed if need be. even though Trey and Travis are leaving, I'm still excited about the program.

  2. I got the basketball fever too!
    I'm interested in knowing what you think will be the expected outcome next season as far as record. Got a damn tough Non Conference schedule and playing in the SEC isn't easy, so another question I'll ask is what do you think our chances are of making the big dance again?