Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Georgia Loses to UCF...Again (Kevin Ware Involved)

There is one thing regarding Georgia basketball of which I am CERTAIN: we do NOT cheat in basketball recruiting. Kevin Ware has committed to...not Louisville, not UGA, but Central Florida (here is an AJC article). For those of you who have been following this story with us, you would probably agree that this comes as a serious shocker. How a kid from Rockdale County, Georgia would choose UCF -- a middle of the pack Conference-USA team -- over Georgia or Lousiville is a bit baffling to me (well, maybe not Georgia because we have a recent history of this in basketball, unfortunately). This comes one day after Rick [insert dated sex joke] Pitino had an in-home visit with Ware. Ware was coming off an official visit to UCF but was scheduled to visit Louisville and then Georgia last. I guess he just couldn't wait.

Here is an excerpt from Michael Carvell's original AJC article:

"The 6-foot-4 guard told the AJC that the opportunity to play immediately and his connection with the team’s coaches and current players were major factors into his decision. Ware made an official visit to Central Florida this past weekend, and had an in-home visit with Central Florida coach Donnie Jones on Monday night."

I think I know what the real reasons could be:
  1. He loved Disney World and all of its obese-laden, 114-degree humidity filled goodness.
  2. He thought "UCF" was "UFC" and he is actually pursuing an MMA career.
  3. Marcus Jordan -- son of MJ -- told him he could be the Pippen to his Jordan.
  4. They (UCF) paid him. This is where the whole "his connection with the team's coaches and current players" comes into play.

Either way, it is pretty disappointing on our end. This leaves UGA STILL scrambling to sign at least one more player for the 2011 class. Here are our remaining 2011 targets (to my knowledge):

  • Bernard Thompson (SG) -- Kevin Ware's HS teammate, no less. Generally regarded as a "mid-major" prospect.
  • Dominique McCoy (SF) -- Mentioned as a prospect but do not think as of right now he has an offer.
  • John Cannon (C) -- Recently visited UGA. Seems to be down to Northwestern and Georgia.
  • Jared Guest (PF) -- Apparently has an offer.

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  1. I'm with you in the regard that we clearly don't cheat. That is the only reason I can come up with as to why on earth we keep losing so many kids in completely head-scratching fashion. We clearly aren't playing ball with the Atlanta Celtics' and other AAU coaches in the manner to which they are accustomed. While that gives me a certain warm fuzzy, it also pisses me off to no end. We're going to need another Kentavious Caldwell or two who are willing to buck the system to come play for Fox and hopefully serve as their own and our program's tipping point. If we can get a bit lucky, and Fox can establish his as a program that these kids want- even NEED- to play for in the future, then we can get around all the filth that is the current AAU feeder system. But for Fox's sake, he'd better find that workaround pretty fast.