Monday, April 4, 2011

Georgia General Assembly Honors Cam Newton with Resolution

Auburn alumni, Sen.George Hooks D-Macon shouts the Auburn battle cry " War Eagle" during a ceremony in the Senate Chamber to honor Westlake High School graduate and 2010 Heisman Trophy winner, Cam Newton (back right). Fulton County commissioners will host a "Welcome Home" celebration for the quarterback on Saturday. The College Park native led the Auburn Tigers to the BCS National Championship and the SEC conference title.
(D) George Hooks of Macon, an Auburn alum, doing his War Eagle.

Unfortunately this news story wasn't an April Fool's joke on Friday. I really, really get tired of hearing this guy's name and role model mentioned in the same sentence.

"Several legislators praised Newton as a positive role model, citing his faith, character and his prowess on the football field, and wished him success in his imminent professional football career."

You can find the entire resolution (HR 522) HERE, if you so desire to look at it and can withhold the upchuck in your mouth. Once again, taxpayer's money being put to good use.


  1. Cam is the fourth Georgia native to win the Heisman, so the General Assemby honoring him is appropriate.

    Newton's character, status as a role model, and prowess on the football field all go to show, however, that not every Georgia-born Heisman winner approaches the high standards set by Herschel Walker.

  2. The Georgia General Assembly apparently shorted us one Georgia-native Heisman.

    That august and deliberative body left out Duluth native and 1980 Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers.

    Or maybe they're considering that one Herschel's as well?