Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fox Gets a Raise (and Extension)

"Why yes, I'll take that extra four-hundred grand Greg."

Chip Towers over at the AJC has the details of Fox's new deal. Getting a bump of about 30% sure would be nice after year two on the job. Good for Mark- he deserved it.

Just to put this in perspective, this is Huggy Bear/Bo Ryan territory as far as comparative salaries as of the 2009 NCAA tourney. He's most likely somewhere in the top 7-9% of coaches now, according to pay, in the country. I'm sure they've probably increase a tick, but you get the idea. For all those of you out there who think every decent coach (or exceptional recruiter) is destined to be cherry-picked and coach at KU or UK, this will give you some insight into our efforts to retain someone and develop the program.

Now we gotta get some recruits and continue to put the butts in the seats. That way he can get another one sooner rather than later.

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