Friday, April 22, 2011

Even MORE Kevin Ware News

I hate to blanket Van Dawgin's recruiting/Kevin Ware article from earlier today but another crucial piece of evidence has entered our crosshairs. Check out THIS ARTICLE posted on a Louisville blog called "" about Kevin Ware's visit to Louisville this weekend for the Derby Classic (the players are already up there for some preceding events).

The Louisville site is run by a guy named, Nick Coffey, and he apparently had a chance to talk to Kevin Ware yesterday (or the day before; he even has a picture of Ware and him together). Here is an excerpt of the above linked article (posted just one day ago):

I started off simply by asking him if the Central Florida situation was a done deal. He basically responded by saying ”No not at this exact time”. I then asked him if he was still considering Louisville, and he responded with “ABSOLUTELY”. Just to push him a little I then asked if he was seriously considering the Cards. He replied with “Yes, I am seriously considering Louisville”.

The good news? He is obviously wavering on his commitment to UCF. The bad news? UGA seems to be behind Louisville on his list. His still has not signed a binding LOI so I guess there is still a morsel of hope for the Dawgs.

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