Friday, April 8, 2011

Dawgs Offer ANOTHER 2011 Hoops Big Man

As the Kevin Ware sweepstakes take full force now that the dead period is over, the Dawgs have somewhat strangely offered another big man for 2011. 6-11 center John Cannon has been offered a scholarship per Dan This leads me to believe a couple of things might be happening:
  1. We are NOT looking good with our 2012 recruits
  2. One of our current commits for 2011 is not making the grades (a la Cady Lalanne)
Here is an excerpt from Cannon's ESPN recruiting profile:

"John has great size at 6'11 and 225 lbs. Cannon does a great job of understanding how to position himself on the low blocks effectively and sealing his man to get his touches. He uses his size to his advantage over smaller defenders. On defense, he is not incredibly quick, but works hard to guard the post by defending before the ball is entered and gets in a stance and ready to play when he has to guard his man on the perimeter. As he adds strength, he will get even better."

Cannon currently holds offers from Old Dominion, Northwestern, Richmond, and now UGA. And don't worry, we would still have room for Kevin Ware, but Nolte and Bucklin would be SOL for a scholly next year. Again, this kid might end up being great but I do wonder what the motivation is to sign ANOTHER big man for next season.


  1. Any chance UGA was waiting to offer Cannon until they knew the status of Thompkins and Leslie?

  2. It's possible but I think there is another reason..we already have three big guys signed.