Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dawgs Decisions are In: Leslie to Test, Thompkins for Quest

NBA’s best draft day picture!
I hope Trey is seen in something like this...
Wait a minute, where is the lion tamer and
tiny car full of the tall guys pictured?

Yeah, corny headline but you get the picture. Just as Dawgola predicted this morning, Leslie is putting his name in the hat without an agent, while Trey has decided to hire an agent and forego the rest of his eligibility. I can't say I blame him either, as I don't think another year is going to drastically improve his stock.

I think both made the right decision, maybe. I still think the best thing for Travis to do is to stay, but you can't fault him for testing the waters to get an honest evaluation of his draft stock at this point. I don't see him being a 1st-rounder and the looming NBA lockout will hopefully push him back to Athens for one more year. With some development in his perimeter game, he has the potential for a top-pick next year. Notice... POTENTIAL....

Even though I gave Trey hell for the 1st half of the season, he really stepped his game up down the stretch. I didn't buy that the ankle was really bothering him that much, but it was obviously hampering him more than I realized. I'd estimate that he'll go somewhere between 15-25, which is, at best, hit or miss range. Hopefully he'll be a hit for someone.

Either way, I'll be rooting for them. Regardless of the outcome, you can't fault a kid who is pursuing his or her dreams. Best of luck to both of those DGD's. (Cheers to the possibility that I may be doing this again for one of them)

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