Thursday, April 14, 2011

Classic: Florida Hoops Players Arrested... Then Audio Taped

This is some really, really good journalism by the folks down at First Coast News. If you have the time, the audio is pretty funny, and it really doesn't look good for these three guys immediate future with Florida Gators. If you don't have the time to listen to the audio, it's basically forward Erik Murphy and team manager Josh Adel going back and forth for 33 minutes about their attempts at taking up thievery as a hobby.

Adel is saying he's "frigged" and Murphy claims that they could just make something up and get away with it. Adel tries to talk some sense into him, but all Murphy can say is, "Well if we were in Gainesville, we could get off easy." Needless to say, I bet no player in Athens who was arrested in Atlanta would say, "Man, if this happened in Athens, this wouldn't even make it to the newspapers."

In my best estimate, all three of these guys are, in fact, "frigged"- "gosh darn frigged" to put it loosely in the terms used by Murphy and Adel. I know I'll take some heat for this, but I really don't dislike Florida's basketball program. They have one heck of a coach (whom I respect immensely) and always a ton of just really solid hoops players.

If any Georgia fan told me that they absolutely hated Billy Donovan and the program he runs down there, I'd belly laugh in their face. I hate to admit it, and maybe it makes me look like less of a Dawg, but you have to give Billy and crew credit. The program appears cleanly run, they always play together, and it's a given that they get better through the season. He's top-notch if you ask me. Considering that, I'll be surprised if they're on the team come June 1st. Just because the football team gets away with everything, it doesn't mean that Donovan would put up with that stuff.

Some of you may have thought that I glossed over the glaring issue of how ridiculous the law enforcement situation is in Gainesville in comparison to Athens and the preferential treatment that student-athletes are being given there. It's pretty obvious that there was some reason that Murphy knew that they'd get off in Gainesville.  I know it isn't fair, but really why should we be complaining about this anyway? Don't we want people who do illegal things punished?

I get that the moped/suspended license issues are bogus, but hey, I owned a scooter while in Athens and no cop ever looked at me twice. Had I known that I was going to be looked at and scrutinized by every cop, I probably would have been a little more guarded about everything I did too. It's not easy to figure.

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  1. Student-Cop interaction courses are probably needed at both UGA and UF. If you're sitting in the back seat of a cop car, keep your gosh darn frigging mouth shut!

    Leaving two suspects in the back seat for an extended period of time with the tape running is a standard law enforcement technique. Especially with kids. They talk, they phone their friends, they confess everything.