Friday, April 29, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Ware De-commits (UPDATED)

UPDATED: Some pretty shocking news came out of this late last night. In an article written by the NY Times, Ware's relationship with Kenneth Caldwell is explained. It's a very revealing read and yet another glaring example of how these kids are taken advantage of by sketchy "advisors" (or "uncles" in Ware's case). I'll have a story on this on Monday.

One thing is for sure: if Kevin Ware ends up attending UGA, he will be our first schizophrenic player in program history. According to Michael Carvell @ the AJC, Kevin Ware has de-commited from UCF for some undisclosed personal reasons. Here is his actual quote:

“There’s a lot of stuff going on right now, personal stuff that I don’t really want to speak about right now,” Ware said. “I spoke with my family about everything, and I decided it was time to back off on UCF.”

Basically, all of the previous teams that were recruiting him (UGA, Louisville, and even Tech and GA State according to the article) are now back in the picture along with some new teams possibly. This may be one of those situations that changes from day-to-day, and won't be finalized until he actually signs the papers.

There were rumors that he was still interested in Louisville when he played in their "Derby Classic" last weekend, but then, apparently, reconfirmed his commitment to UCF. Maybe he realized he was 18 years old and was no longer mesmerized by Disney World. Who knows? I guess now Goofy and Mickey Mouse will be wiping the tears from their big rubber faces.


  1. I'm not even sure we want this guy now, especially with Ryan Harrow out there for the taking. Let him take his schizophrenic self on up to Louisville.

  2. This article sheds some light on the situation behind Ware's UCF commitment. Interesting stuff.

  3. Anon,

    I read this last night on the NYT and, needless to say, was disgusted yet again by another creep taking advantage of an 18 year old and their family.

  4. "First schizophrenic kid" - You mean other than Herschel?

    BTW -- the word in Athens about Ware's recruitment was the coaches were blown away by everything that happened. Now that this NYT story comes out, it all makes sense.

    The part about the UCF coaches being conference called and unannounced on the call so they could listen and manipulate Ware is especially unnerving.

  5. I won't believe we have a shot at Harrow until I see him enrolled. If we're chasing wood like Cannon, there's no way the coaches think they can land a kid like Harrow.

  6. If Fox is turning down anyone at this point, he better leave leave anything he has left in moving boxes sealed.

    UGA has always had space to take players like Noel Johnson, Ari Stewart, Ryan Harrow, and Kevin Ware. Our current state of affairs is no different.