Friday, April 1, 2011

Beware of Bar-Hopping in Knoxville

The following is just a disclaimer for all Dawg fans who are heading up to Knoxvegas this fall for the UT/UGA game...

Herbert Mike Merritt was sentenced to 51 years in prison yesterday for first degree murder...which included shooting a man six times, stabbing him, and EATING A PART OF THE GUY'S LUNG! The crime occurred in June 2008, at the ironically named "Friends Sports Bar and Grill" on Maynardville Highway in Knoxville. Merritt contended that he "had a psychotic break" when he stabbed Anthony Laymond Ford and then proceeded to carve out his chest cavity. I know...happens to me all the time.

My first impressions: he's a dumb Hannibal Lector that turned this local Bar into a more twisted, hellish version of the Double Deuce. Unfortunately, Patrick Swayze died a few months ago...(too soon?). Actually, I think the bar has been shut down because it is no where to be seen on Google Maps. And I'm not gonna lie...if it is still around, they could probably use a name change for publicity's sake.

Anyway, based on the photo above, I'm shocked that this guy would commit such a crime (HEAPS of sarcasm).

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