Thursday, April 21, 2011

Auburn Conveniently Grabs Another 5-Star QB

The above video is of 2011 Auburn commit Keihl Frazier. He was one of the fourteen 4-star or higher recruits to sign with Auburn last year coming off of a national championship year for the Tigers. The funny thing about this is that he actually commtted to the Tigers in May of last year, with the team tabbing an 8-5 record in it's latest season at the time. 

Frazier was a part of the Barn's second best class ever last year. The only better class was the preceding year's, which was ranked fourth in the nation. That's a pretty impressive haul for a first-year head coach, don't you think? The answer to that painfully obvious rhetorical question isn't really a surprise is it?

Fast forward to Wednesday, when the WarTigerPlainsmen yet again grab another extremely high caliber quarterback out of, surprisingly enough, Kentucky. Zeke Pike, an early 5-star QB, committed to the Barners yesterday. Tall, mobile, and a huge arm- prototypical pro-style guy of today. He'll be heading into the "simplistic equals fast" system so touted by Mr. Heisman to Johnny Gruden.

Pretty obvious that a kid from the Bluegrass State would elect to go to the middle of bum-fudge Alabama and play behind a guy who is obviously better suited for Malzahn's system and was also highly touted himself out of high school. I know if I had a howitzer on my shoulder and could move like a deer, my first choice would be to play for a guy who doesn't run a system that would suit me well in my future ventures and somewhere I didn't have a clear path to the #1 QB spot.

Yeah, yeah I know. We're all trying our best to pile on Auburn right now (and believe me, I try my damnedest) and present some sort of ambiguous pay-4-play conspiracy theory to expose them. This isn't necessarily about exposing anything, it's just yet another one of those "How In the Hell Did This Team Get This Kid... It Just Doesn't Make Sense" scenarios that we never seem to have happen in Athens. There's a pretty recent example of this in roundball at UGA as well. And yes, I'm jealous.

Auburn has never been historically strong on the recruiting front. I know a tandem of Chizik, Backward Hat Taylor, and a fleet of white limos has to be attractive to impressionable young men... but jeez, this is out of nowhere. What in the hayull gives and why can't this ever happen to the Red and Black if it's completely chaste?

And just for the record, I'm not implying that this kid did anything wrong. As for Auburn, who knows...

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  1. His father was shopping him around and Auburn paid the highest price. But the kid didn't know about it so Auburn is safe.