Thursday, April 21, 2011

Athlon is Surprisingly High on the Dawgs in 2011

In fact, high enough for the Dawgs to be the favored squad in the SEC East next season, according to the contributors at the magazine. Check out the article HERE and read a few more of the reasons why these guys feel that the Dawgs can go from the outhouse to the townhouse this year. Here's a little snippet for your reading pleasure:

"How ‘bout them Dawgs?! That’s right, it’s make-or-break time for Mark Richt and he’s going to make it happen down in Athens this season. The SEC East is ripe for the picking — Florida has a new regime in power (led by Will Muschamp and Charlie Weis) and a fan base that still cheers loudest for Tim Tebow during the spring game; South Carolina has a ball coach on the golf course and a quarterback bellied up at the bar on the 19th hole; and Tennessee, Kentucky and Vanderbilt aren’t ready for prime time." 
- Nathan Rush

I'm not going to give away my pick to win the East this year, but it's hard to make a clear case for anyone. All teams seem to have major roadblocks that could potentially derail any chance of making it out of the eastern side of the conference. For example:

  • By the new head Gator's own admission, the Lizard's have some talent this year, but he just isn't sure they have enough of it. They've been hit hard by injuries and are very limited (as the Dawgs appear) in offensive firepower. Add to that the WR unit just got a lot thinner with the announcement of the transfers of Chris Dunkley and Javares McRoy.
  • Stephen Garcia is tricksy. Cocks are the Cocks, which means they can't ever win a meaningful game. They got handed the East last year and tried their best to piss it away at the end of the season. Really 56-17 on your own turf?
  • Tennessee has a bunch of walk-ons all over the field... and basketball players that have used up all of their hoops eligibility. Not a good sign.

As for the team we cheer for, despite the obvious lack of starting experience in key areas and big questions at the skill positions, I don't think we're worse off than anyone else. Having the best QB in the conference can cure a lot of ills- just ask Auburn, who had absolutely no defense of which to speak. I guess it's a good thing that they had a lot of liquidity in their booster pool as well.

I don't think these guys are too off-base with their predictions. The East, as of now, looks like a log jam of mediocre to okay teams, with Vandy being the only team with a really serious talent gap. We have our problems, but it looks like everyone else does too. Do I think we deserve any pre-season hype? Uh... 6-7 a good answer for you?

Oh yeah, and black mambas make a pretty damn good living by laying in the weeds. 

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