Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Does Vegas Think Will Win the BCS in 2012?

I'm sure I'll repost this about three or four more times before the start of the season, but the Vegas Odds do give a reasonable approximation of who SHOULD be good next season. Plus, Spring Practice (which is NOT a good indicator of how a season will go) is in full swing, so it has me in the mood. Here are some teams of note with their odds to win the BCS Championship. I mean, we now stand about..uh...six months away from the season opener (Odds via

First, here are the SEC teams (listed alphabetically):

Alabama: 5/1
Arkansas: 30/1
Auburn: 75/1
Florida: 20/1
Georgia: 30/1
LSU: 12/1
Miss. State: 60/1
South Carolina: 20/1
Tennessee: 100/1

Other teams of note:

Georgia Tech: 200/1
Boise State: 15/1
Oklahoma: 4/1 (the favorite)
Oregon: 10/1
Ohio State: 15/1
Stanford: 10/1
Florida State: 10/1
Texas: 20/1
Notre Dame: 20/1
TCU: 40/1
Clemson: 100/1

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