Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where will the Prospective NFL Dawgs Get Drafted?

The Dawgs sent eight former players to the annual NFL combine this year. And in case you either (a) do not get NFL Network, or (b) haven't watched any of the coverage, you have missed one "tight Under Armor testicle-bulge outfit" filled event my friends. Actually, after seeing like...four players doing an event, it gets a little boring. When you tack on the fact that Mike Mayock and his lisp are present, I can only handle a little at a time. Anyway, I decided to do the research and figure out the consensus for each players' draft projections:
  1. A.J. Green -- Outside chance at the first overall pick to Carolina. Unfortunately for him, most say he will go fourth to the Bengals.
  2. Justin Houston -- Late first round pick. Some say (like Todd McShay) the Falcons are a possible destination with their first round pick.
  3. Clint Boling -- Third or fourth round is the consensus. Everyone wants a solid pass-blocking tackle so he almost certainly will get drafted at some point.
  4. Akeem Dent -- Probably late round pick (rounds 5-7).
  5. Vance Cuff -- Late round pick if at all. Free Agent signing is looming for Cuff.
  6. Josh Davis -- Probably will be lucky to get drafted (shocker, I know)
  7. Shaun Chapas -- May not get drafted but will almost certainly get signed by someone. The mere fact that he was invited to the Combine as a fullback should bode well for him. (side note: the hilarity of a balding white Chapas compared to the mostly black running backs was great comedy during the Combine drills)
  8. Demarcus Dobbs -- Probably ain't getting drafted but you never know.
Those are the combine guys. And don't forget, you also have Durham sitting there as well. Traditionally, the draft has been pretty good to UGA players so, hopefully someone will get some production out of these guys (cough...Josh Davis...Cuff...cough).

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