Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Washaun Took Five, Had a Cocktail, And Hopefully Learned Some Things

Yes, I know you're tired of being beaten over the head with this situation. I know how you feel... trust me I'm right there with you. In fact, I'm so positive I can tell you how you feel I'll take a run as Ms. Cleo. Now it's time for your "FREE REEDIN!!!"

You're surprised that he made it back while at the same time you are also confounded why such a big deal was made over a three week "indefinite suspension". "Indefinite" sounded like "firing squad", but when you boiled it down inside your head, it really was more like "Questionable" on Wes Welker's fantasy status. You knew he was gonna play after some thought but didn't keep him in and he went off with 12 for 114 and 2 TD's. You felt empty- mad at your limbic system for it's irrational Defcon-5 DEFCON-1 self-preservation reaction.

You count yourself as someone who is officially tired of Georgia offseason mischief, yet are infinitely more bored than you were last year at this time. It's mainly related to the fact that you don't have a lot to b!tch and moan about because the recruiting class and coaching hires looking surprisingly good from the outside. In turn, you go to basketball games and boo the officials, blame the loss on them, bemoan Trey for being a slug, and talk about how he isn't a first round pick any more because he's "lazy" or something.

Sports that aren't usually big draws (baseball & women's basketball) catch hell for losing to other good teams and veteran coaches heads are demanded. Bats are blamed and recruiting chops are lambasted. It's comedic at times.

Hey, gotta have something to gripe about, right?

Well I've got another gripe that I'm sure you share as well. But maybe that gripe could actually end up being the moral of the story...

My main issue is why was the storyline ever publicized by Richt? Washaun missed no time, no games, practices, or other important team activities, yet a huge production was made. There were some pretty heavy rumors and a scary words like "indefinite" tossed around in conjunction with the story. Public opinion of Ealey went straight into the ground and people wanted the kid gone.

The punishment consisted of almost three weeks of being barred from team activities, which was actually a lot easier to stomach than the roasting he got in the court of public opinion. That's the part that is central to this headline. Richt "punished" Ealey by telling the media he was suspended for essentially being a primadonna. I think Richt wanted to use that as motivation for the kid as well as serve as an experience to humble him a little.

From what I've heard he could certainly use being knocked down a few notches. I hope this doesn't backfire on Richt though. It's never a great policy to air any laundry while the public is in attendance. You're usually playing with fire when you do this type of thing, but there can be a big payoff if you pick the right guy. It shows to me that Richt is going to put some of this stuff on the shoulders of his players and see how they react to it, which will give him a good idea of their character and what they could bring to a team that desperately needs some upper-class leadership right now. This is new... and a good thing in my view.

I just hope that Ealey realizes he has another chance to right his wrongs and make good decisions with the second chance that he now has. We really need the bodies back there.


  1. Uncle Front RunnerMarch 1, 2011 at 10:48 AM

    Something else to grip about.

    When one of the bloggers you read daily incorrectly uses the wrong end of the DEFCON spectrum.

    You are referring to DEFCON 1. DEFCON 5 is the level when we are at peace.

    TBS and USA re-running the great 1983 movie Wargames in which we played Global Thermonuclear War with the supercomputer WORP taught us that!

    Come on!

  2. Uncle Front RunnerMarch 2, 2011 at 9:05 AM

    Oh MVD I was having fun.

    I enjoy your work. And yes my attempt at comedy falls on its face right out of the gate if you misspell a word. Grip instead of gripe.

    I was saying all that with a smile. If I meant it seriously I would have posted anonymously.

    Keep up the good work.