Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UGA vs. LSU Hoops Preview

If the Dawgs want ANY chance of making the big dance, then they should take off their, they need to beat lowly LSU. Fast Fact: the only current SEC coach that Mark Fox has not beaten is LSU's Trent Johnson (remember that eyesore of a game last year down there...we lost 48-47). Anyway, Fox and Johnson are well-aquainted, and actually are very close friends, as both guys coached together at Nevada. In addition, as Van Dawgin has already posted, it's Senior night in the Steg, which means this could be the last time I get to see Price called for traveling three times in one game in person....I'm tearing up just thinking about it. For that matter it's the last time I get to see Chris Barnes get shots blocked, stripped, and miss multiple layups in person. But seriously, they have been loyal dudes so I will cheer them off.

As for our opponent, well...LSU is pretty much the worst team in the SEC. They only have 3 conference wins (Auburn, Arkansas, and @Miss St.) and have really not been a player in the SEC for a few years now (seems like just yesterday Big Baby was chugging up and down the court pouring about 8 gallons of sweat onto the floor). Part of the reason they stink is that their best two players (Ralston Turner and Andre Stringer) are both freshmen. LSU has been more competitive lately, as they beat MSU on the road and led Vanderbilt at halftime last weekend....but lost by 21 points.

Bottom line -- LSU really doesn't do anything very well, and if we come out focused, I don't think they can beat us. On the other hand, if we come out asleep like the Auburn could get interesting. We HAVE to win this game...I sure hope our team realizes this.

In other hoop news, Vandy narrowly lost to Kentucky last night, which means with a win tonight, the Dawgs still have a fleeting chance at the 2-seed in the SEC East. If Vandy loses to Florida this weekend, Tennessee beats UK this weekend, and we beat LSU and Alabama, the 2-seed is ours!

Also, a LOT of bubble teams lost last night, which means more room for the Dawgs; Alabama, Baylor, Virginia Tech, Penn State, and Illinois all lost...let's hope we don't do the same tonight.

BTW, here are LSU's team stats:

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