Thursday, March 10, 2011

UGA vs. Auburn Preview

I have to say, the way these bubble teams are struggling thus far during "championship week" has left me VERY nervous about our game today. Of course, since our game starts at 1:00, people that read this post are going to think either (a) that I'm very irrational and need to get a grip or (b) that I'm very wise and should look into being a prophet. Hopefully it is "a" because that would probably mean a comfortable Dawg victory.

Besides the obvious reason I fear this game -- a loss could pop our bubble -- another reason is that this same team (Auburn) took us to overtime in the Steg earlier this season. Price had the game of his career (22 and 14) as we donned the gray unis. If memory serves me correctly Trey made a horrible inbounds pass that got stolen and....I'm getting mad just thinking about it. Anyway, Auburn's feature player is 6-5 guard Earnest Ross, who lit up the Dawgs for 30 points in the first matchup. Stopping him will is a must if we are to win comfortably. Auburn also has other bizarrely impressive performances this year, as they defeated Florida State back in early January, and beat S. Carolina by 15 on the road. The bottom line however, is that AU is only 11-19 and 4-12 in SEC play.

Georgia has issues of their own. Is Trey's toe better? Are we going to keep turning the ball over? (Auburn ranks second in the SEC in 'steals per game' btw) And the most important issue is how we sit regarding our NCAA Tourney hopes. Do we really need this win? Do we need two wins? I think we only need one but...nobody knows for sure.

The winner plays Alabama at 1:00 tomorrow...let's hope it's us.

(Auburn players stats below):


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