Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thompkins is injured again...sort of

In a list of the most painful sounding, body cringing injuries, an ingrown toenail would definitely NOT be one of them. Apparently though, Trey has had a part of his toenail removed and may not be available for the game Saturday at Alabama. My first reaction -- what a *&%$#. Is that a real injury?

Actually, while I'm thinking about it, here is my top-five personal list of the worst sounding injuries:
  1. Torn Groin
  2. Death
  3. Collapsed Lung
  4. Fractured Testicle (this happened to the Diamondbacks' catcher last year. Now that I think about it...this should probably be number 1)
  5. Amputated [fill in a body part]
(I'm sure I overlooked something so forgive me.)

Given Alabama's sense of desperation after their drubbing in Gainesville Tuesday, this does NOT bode well for the Dawgs' chances against the athletic Tide. But Thompkins isn't the only one -- Marcus Thornton has suffered a "laceration" on his arm and he also may not play. What does this mean? If neither guy can play, our lineup just got a lot whiter. As in...Connor Nolte may have to play 30 two positions. I mean, I like Nolte and all but...whew...this could be bad.

This game is big for a couple of reasons: (a) we are trying to get a decent seed in the SEC Tourney and (b) we are still trying to get ANY seed in the NCAA Tourney. I guess the best possible scenario is to beat Alabama without those guys but...I just don't see that happening. The worst possible scenario (other than the team bus crashing) would be that Thompkins plays, injures his precious toe worse, and he misses even more time.

As for the SEC standigs, we'll know more after Tennessee plays South Carolina tonight, but we are looking a big cluster *&^$ if the pieces fall in certain places. We should have a little breakdown tomorrow to go through the possible SEC East scenarios.


  1. It may not sound bad, but an ingrown toenail is unbelievably painful. Seriously.

  2. Yeah, it hurts like hell. It usually happens to the big toe which really limits your mobility.

  3. While I agree its painful, it's certainly not the end of the world.

    I should know, as I'm currently sporting one myself. Sporting is really not the right word for such a malady, but you get the point. The first couple days are rough (might I add disgusting as well) and it feels like your toe is going to rupture, but its not bad after a few days treatment.

    I think he'll go Saturday. If he AND Thornton don't look for Tony Mitchell death from above.