Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tangentially UGA: Guess That Jeff Capel Pining Was Ill Advised

Whoopsie! I can't tell you how many people wanted Jeff Capel in Athens. I may have even been one of them, though I never thought that it was a real possibility. After the first two losing seasons in Norman in over forty years, the OU athletic department made the decision to abandon ship after it was taking on some major water.

The Sooners have compiled a 17-36 record the past two seasons and have also been put on the NCAA investigation line, but hey... who hasn't lately. It's like a bad case of Chipotle Stomach- the initial mastication is stupendous, but wait for an hour. You'll feel the rumblings and you know what's coming tomorrow morning... and you'll do it again anyway, just because it's so irresistibly delicious. HEY, EVERYONE DOES!

I wonder what program will hire the current VCU coach this year? I mean seriously, if you want a head coaching job in a Power-6 conference, then coach at Virginia Commonwealth for two years. You're a shoe-in.

Shaka Smart.... you're on the clock.

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