Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Bracketology: Judgment Day

In the hours before selection Sunday (at 6:00pm on CBS) I have a strange sense of optimism regarding our NCAA Tournament hopes. After looking at the other bubble teams, I really think we are in the better half of the group -- even better than Alabama. If they put Alabama in and us out, I will be severely pissed. Here is why: I know Bama beat us twice, but their best non-conference win is against Lipscomb. Their RPI numbers are WAY worse than our's, and I think the committee knows their conference record is inflated because the West sucks this year. If the selection committee does actually look at your "entire body of work" (like they claim), they would be hypocrites to put Bama in the field.

Lunardi @ESPN also has USC in. This might piss me off even worse. They have lost to three teams with RPIs below 200, and only finished 10-8 in a weak PAC-10. They do have 5 top 50 wins, but that is the ONLY thing they have over us.

All the ACC teams bubble teams (VA Tech, Clemson, and BC) have RPIs worse than us.

St. Mary's is also considered "in", yet they have only 3 top 100 wins (only 1 in the top 50), a HORRENDOUS loss to San Diego (RPI 318!), and an RPI slightly worse than UGA (50 vs. 46).

If there ever existed a pair who is pessimistic regarding UGA sports, it is Van Dawgin and me. But in this instance, I will try to make a case for the Dawgs. I guess a better way to put it is this: I won't be mad if we are "left out" (because we've had our chances), but I will be mad if some of these other bubble teams are "in" over us. Hope that makes sense.

BTW, we need to root for Richmond to beat Dayton today in the A-10 because Richmond is in regardless, and Dayton would steal a bid with a win.

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