Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is in the Air: SEC Spring Football Updates

With spring practice starting up in God's Country, I thought some of you might like a few quick-hitters from around the conference. I'll be doing this once or twice a week until the completion of every relevant team's (closet Vandy fans, you're SOL on this one) practice schedule to keep you abreast of any pertinent happenings. 

Just so you know, the practice schedule for every team goes as follows, listed as "start date / spring game date" : (I'll probably be putting a permalink to this on the sidebar in a few days)

Mississippi State – March 4 / April 9
Georgia – March 10 (Technically March 22) / April 16
LSU – March 11 / April 9
Arkansas – March 15 / April 16
South Carolina – March 15 / April 9
Florida – March 16 / April 9
Vanderbilt – March 18 / April 17
Alabama – March 21 / April 16
Tennessee – March 22 / April 16
Auburn – March 23 / April 16
Kentucky – March 23 / April 23
Ole Miss – March 28 / April 16

Now for a look around at the teams who've started.


1st/2nd-string QB/TE and all-time jort wearing  Jordan Reed has been moved to TE as well as his part-time back field cohort Trey Burton. This has allowed Gerald Christian, the #2 TE out of high school last year to move to strong side linebacker, where he's currently at the top of the depth chart. Pretty tenuous situation having him there already in his first season as a defensive player.

The major headline here is the quarterback battle between senior Johnny Brantley and true freshman Jeff Driskel and redshirt freshman Tyler Murphy. Fat Chollie has already been gushing over Driskel, thus ensuring that he gets WAY over-hyped and ends up stealing millions of dollars from some "poor" NFL team.

Also of note is the vast number of Gators who aren't participating in spring practice because of injury, which stands at 10. That list includes cornerback Janoris Jenkins (shoulder), running back Mike Blakely (shoulder), linebacker Neiron Ball (congenital syndrome), offensive linemen Matt Patchan, James Wilson and David Young, defensive tackles Omar Hunter and Jaye Howard, linebacker Kedric Johnson and defensive back Jaylen Watkins.

South Carolina

Get ready for a surprise.... Stephen Garcia is suspended for the first week of practice. I know, you can't believe what you just heard, right? Though it hasn't been confirmed, it probably stems from Garcia's late-night bender before the Chick-Fil-A, which was complete with naked chicks, booze, and copious amounts of techno music by Enrique Inglesias

Other than that, the Cocks are very very young along both lines of scrimmage. I would assume the spring will be very important in determining the depth chart for fall.


It looks like the Bizarro Dawgs will have a really solid team this year. They return players responsible for 46 of the 48 offensive touchdowns last year, so they look like they have a big edge in returning offensive firepower. There looks to be two open spots for competition with one coming at LT and the other at DE. 

Right now the LT spot is a competition between the behemoth JUCO transfer James Carmon and redshirt freshman Blaine Clausell. Two juniors, Trevor Stigers and Shane McCardell will be fighting over the DE spot vacated by Pernell McPhee.


The headline out of Hawg Town is that Bobby Petrino can't get over his new balls. I mean, he's ecstatic over those shiny new balls. Tyler Russell is spinning the hell out of 'em and Joe Adams is thoroughly enjoying cradling catching them. Arkansas contract with Wilson for balls ran out, so now they have them Fed-Ex'd from Eugene, Oregon down to Fayetteville.

It's pretty obvious that Arky easily has the best receivers in the SEC, and probably the best in the country. Cobi Hamilton, Joe Adams, Greg Childs, and Jarius Wright are down right terrifying. It's too bad that their secondary, that performed about like moving sand with a pitchfork last year, is having another round of musical positions. It's too bad. It they actually had a defense, they might be a decent team.

That pretty much covers it for a slow first week. When all these schools get back from spring break it'll really turn up and, hopefully, they'll be a little more news out of these camps then.

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