Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So What's Demetre Baker Up To These Days?

As most of you know, after Demetre's ill-fated DUI timing issues (3 months earlier and he's competing for the starting Mike spot here) he found himself looking for a place to call home. So he landed in the cozy beachfront town of Mobile, Alabama at South Alabama.

 Much to my surprise, Demetre is now competing for the starting running back position for the Jags. USA's running backs coach has been very impressed thus far, even though Baker is a little green at the spot.

"He's the whole package... He's got some maturing that he's got to do, but as soon as he gets the ball and he's off the block, he's going. He's like a bowling ball with butcher knives. He's got to get it under control a little bit, but it's so much easier to slow them down than speed them up. He's really exciting. And I think his frame could even hold another 5 to 7 pounds, so I'm thrilled." (Tommy Hicks, Mobile Press-Register)

Later in the article it is explained that, unkown to me until now, UGA coaches switched Baker to running back just before he was dismissed from the team. After watching video of him at practice, it's really hard for me to believe this, as Belin raved about his skills and future at linebacker. I can remember verbatim Belin saying, "Good work Baker, good work. You're gonna be great kid."

While I really don't know the particulars of his dismissal, it seems as though there are some hard feelings at his departure from the team, which shouldn't be that surprising I guess. I'd probably be mad at Mark Richt if he told me not to do such an easy thing as GET ARRESTED FOR DUI!?^! I mean that is TOTALLY NOT PREVENTABLE, RIGHT?

"I got comfortable when I first came on my visit. I felt like this school offered a lot of things and a lot of love and a lot of family, and that's what I was looking for. I didn't get that at Georgia."

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