Thursday, March 24, 2011

SEC West Just Got a Lot Better: Mike Anderson Hired as Hawgs Head Honcho

I guess the $2 million at Missouri just wasn't enough. Late yesterday evening Mike had a team meeting with his players. He told them of his decision to cash in his perennial SEC bargaining chip and become the new head coach at Arkansas after flirting with staying in Columbia for about $500,000 more money.

This is a huge upgrade over the last guy, who wasn't smart enough to keep his hand out of the cookie jar after a very disappointing last few seasons. If you want to talk hot commodities in the NCAA basketball coaching ranks, you don't have to look much farther than Anderson, who's new favorite motto is "Pimping is EEEEEAAASSSAAAYYYY...."

If you add his coaching chops to the INSANELY OUTRAGEOUS SUPER-AGGRO CRAG of basketball talent that Pelphrey managed to mound up before his departure, you are probably going to have the SEC West winner next season- Grant and Co. be damned. Complete with Nuclear Flying Crystals!

That's right, this is a metal tribute to one of
the best shows of all time... and it's nothing but original 
Mike O'Malley material from the show. Wow...

Contract terms haven't been released as of the writing of this post, but I'm sure it requires dollar bills being assembled into large bales and transported via C-17.

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