Monday, March 7, 2011

The SEC Tournament: This Time, It's Personal

Sorry, I was just watching Rambo III and The Next Karate Kid and thought I would use a sequel-esque title for this post (actually, I didn't really watch TNKK but I saw it was on TV). Heading into this tournament with 20 wins is something the Dawgs are certainly not used to. Technically, we haven't had this many wins in the regular season since the 1996-97 team. (2001-2003 wins were...uh..vacated). Granted this is mildly pathetic, but it is a good sign for the program. Anyway, this year's edition of the annual SEC Tourney is particularly big for the Dawgs for the following reasons:
  1. We are clearly a bubble team and our fate in the "big dance" could be decided based on our performance in the SECT.
  2. Winning on Thursday would give me something to look forward to on Friday (and so on)
  3. A REALLY nice run could greatly improve our seeding in the NCAAT.
  4. With the exception of the '08 miracle tornado team, we have NOT fared well in this thing (I realize this really isn't a reason but it is a trend we need to change).
  5. The fact that the game is in Atlanta means we should have more fans than usual.
For a look at the bracket, CLICK HERE.

As you can see, our first-round matchup is against Auburn Thursday at 1:00. If you remember, AU took us to overtime in our regular season meeting before we finally pulled away. Obviously, I had rather play these guys than Arkansas, but to say I feel uneasy about this game would be very correct. They are a "bad team" with "scrappy" tendencies -- not an ideal opponent.

As for our current standing in regards to the NCAA Tournamnet, most "bracketologists" project us as IN with the notable exception of ESPN's Joe Lunardi. Now, this could change several times between now and Selection Sunday so let's not overreact to what he or anyone else says. The selection committee is the only decision that matters so...let's hope they like us.


  1. Auburn and Arkansas have been playing about the same lately. As bad as Auburn has been on the whole, they did beat FSU and are very close to being on a 4 game winning streak right now( they've won their last two and lost by 2 to Arkansas and by 2 at Alabama in the two games prior).

    This game won't be easy. Auburn is playing with some confidence and they have absolutely nothing to lose while our entire season is at stake. Need to take care of both AU and Bama.

  2. In regard to NCAA tourney seeding, this is the way I see it:

    Lose 1st round to Auburn: out
    Lose 2nd round to Bama: out or one of last 4 in
    Lose 3rd round(probably to UK): 10 or 11 seed
    Lose finals(probably to UF): 9 or 10 seed
    Win tourney: 7 or 8 seed

  3. Anon 9:52,

    I completely agree about AU. As I mentioned in the article, they scare me quite a bit.

    Anon 10:10,

    Your scenarios seem about right to me. I still think it's possible we get in if we lose in the first round though.