Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Bracketology Update....

I'm not getting into yesterday's game for obvious reasons, but I will only tell you who we need to root AGAINST today in terms of possible at-large competitors or bid-stealers. This two-day purgatory is going to be a rough couple of days...

Possbile at-large teams to root against:
  1. Penn State (vs. Michigain St. -- both teams are on bubble but MSU is safer)
  2. VA Tech (vs. Duke)
  3. Richmond (vs. Temple -- more on this later)
  4. Alabama (vs. Kentucky -- I still think the Tide could get left out)
  5. Washington (vs. Arizona -- Washington is probably safe but you never know)
  6. Clemson (vs. North Carolina)
  7. Michigan (vs. Ohio State -- I think Michigan is probably safe as well)

Possible bid-stealers to root against:

  1. UTEP (vs. Memphis -- Just in case Memphis could still an at-large, I'd rather give Memphis the automatic bid)
  2. whoever the Richmond/Temple winner plays tomorrow (Dayon/St. Joe's). We really need Temple to get the automatic because as I said above, Richmond isn't necessarily safe, and we really don't need Dayton or St. Joe's to get the auto.
  3. Boise State (vs. Utah State -- pretty sure Utah State would get an at-large with a loss so...go AGGIES!)

Some Bracketologists have us out (like Lunardi) and some have us still in. As I said earlier, it's going to be a long two days...


  1. Michigan State is not on the bubble anymore.

  2. I'm going out on a limb (as I'm knocking on wood) and say we are in and Bama is out. Remember, they compare you against your schedule, not any one team, and our overall resume is more complete than Bama (or St. Mary's for that matter)

    Obviously, a little help (with the games listed above) would be nice.