Monday, March 28, 2011

Ralph Nader Hates College Football... And Is Also a Communist

If you haven't heard Ralph's latest grasp at significance, you should take a read of it. He's now taking aim squarely at the conflicts with the "amateurism" questions in college sports and all of the dollars trailing these questions. While it seems that his motives are well-intentioned, his solution comes straight outta from the lunatic fringe.

So what is Nader proposing? Well, just some small changes... like completely eliminating all scholarships based on athletic merit. So, like I said, no real drastic changes here- just some small-time tweaks to the Mecha-Godzilla that is the NCAA. This is what Nader had to say about the NCAA tournament yesterday:

"As we near the exciting conclusion of 'March Madness' — which would more accurately be described as the 2011 NCAA Professional Basketball Championships — it's time we step back and finally address the myth of amateurism surrounding big-time college football and basketball in this country."

I realize that Nader has good intentions, but so did Martin Brest when he decided to write and direct Gigli. We all know how that ended up. Anyway, this would probably be the worst solution to a problem that is really starting to become the 5,000,000 pound gorilla in the room.

Personally, in my opinion, because there is so much revenue associated with college athletics and the win-at-all-costs mentality, there is almost no way to completely purge the system of corruption. Regardless of what the NCAA may think, they can't litigate the cheating out of sports. Coming up with all of these new rules and stuff is pointless. Do you really think that a team will care about a text messaging limit or phone contact limit per week if they'll pay a kid to come to the school?

If the NCAA did completely eliminate athletic scholarships, schools would just find another way to influence a kid to attend. That would make the pressure to cheat and funnel money toward the kid even higher. Gene Wojciechowski has a great article HERE that describes the disconnect between what the NCAA has become and what it should be- he's really on point.

I'm right with Nader. He's right that there needs to be some drastic changes to the current model, but as usual, he comes right outta left field and goes for the jugular. Instead of these ridiculous solutions, couldn't the NCAA just use some common sense and come up with something that isn't completely archaic and serves everyone fairly and equally?

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