Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paul Hewitt's Impending Firing: Good or Bad For UGA?

It's always a ***Great Day for America*** when a team at Georgia Tech collaboratively sucks bad enough to get the coach fired. Whether it's football, basketball, or women's Dungeons and Dragons, it's a day in which Dawg fans should revel.

But then inevitably comes the search for a better and more nerdy head coach to lead the troops. That's the part that is a little iffy in the whole equation. There's always the possibility that the nerd patrol will actually get a quality coach.

All of this is a moot point, however if Paul Hewitt finds a way to convince Dan Radakovich that he should hang around for another year on North Avenue. Needless to say, he probably won't be able to use his overall and conference records as bargaining chips, as his squad sits at 13-17 and 5-11 in the ACC. In fairness to the Techies, they really only have one scoring threat in junior guard Iman Shumpert.

Also in fairness to them, the rest of the team likes watching old episodes of Dragonball Z in silence while listening to Keith Brooking's motivational pregame pump-up sessions:

But enough of my well-placed jabs at Techies, It looks pretty likely that Hewitt is going to get canned. Right as Buck Belue was introducing Hewitt on Buck and Kincade this afternoon, you could hear John Kincade under his breath say, "This is gonna be awkward." So, pretty much... this looks like a done deal to even the most casual observer in Kincade. So what's next?

Considering Hewitt has a built-in renewal in his contract that will roll over on the 15th of next month (Actual copy of the contract) and the athletic department must notify him "not less than 30 days prior to April 15th" if the rollover won't be exercised, it looks like next Monday will be the day of reckoning for PH.

Unless of course there's a tornado in Greensboro and Yata Gaines and Dave Bliss are in the building with Tech jerseys on. Yeah... that's not gonna happen.

So what does that mean for Georgia? Well, in the short term, it could mean a certain top-50 player could be headed to Athens instead of North Avenue. This seems to be the hot topic IF Hewitt is canned, but I don't see it happening, especially considering the fact that Royal is Tech's top recruit and we're arch rivals.

Even though he chose the Nerds over us in the first place, with the lack of depth we have down low next year I'd gladly welcome him to the fold. And I'm sure he'd regret committing to that trash heap in the first place.

The long term could be concerning though, in some aspects. With the gigantic millstone that is Paul Hewitt's buyout aroung the neck of the GTU athletic department, I just don't see them having the money to go after an elite Mid-Major coach.

From my best estimation, they also still owe Chan Gailey about $900,000 (I could be wrong about that though), which means that they're gonna have to come up with about eight aluminum briefcases and find some Monopoly money to stuff in them in the next few months. That's quite a tall order for a cash-strapped program like Tech.

Basically this whole thing boils down to one main point- Tech has really handcuffed itself on this one. I tend to think that they'll have to go after a guy who's known for his recruiting chops instead of a really proven up and comer. That may be great for some schools, but I'm not sold on all of that.

You really need a well-rounded guy these days. Just ask Paul and his buddy Bruce Pearl. One way or another (either by early 5-star departures and underachievement or by just being a scumbag recruiter) you'll end up finding yourself on the wrong end of a pink slip.

***Dawg44, Whoever and Wherever you are, you're a great American***

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