Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our NEW Favorite Blog: Confections From the Cody Kitchen

*I know this is out of the blue and isn't Dawgly material, but... hey, this is our flying hat parade. 

Just imagine... brown sugar, bacon, and Lil' Smokies melded together in sugary-salty bliss and you have one just one of the recipes the dynamo cooking blog Confections From the Cody Kitchen. Armed with her trusty Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer, Morgan is now being billed as From Hedges to Hardwoods burgeoning tailgate sous chef.

You'll have to swing by our little fiesta this fall to experience some of her culinary chops... and I'm positive you wont be disappointed. She's been getting shout-outs from all the hip Atlanta cooking crowd- Kevin Rathbun, Kevin Gillespie, and Richard Blais all agree... she's going to be the next big thing.

In all seriousness, thanks for the shout out Ms. Cody. After reading through some of those recipes, I can't help but be intrigued by those Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. I'd bet my bottom dollar that if you made them anywhere near me they could also be call Marty Gut Bomb Cupcakes, because I'd eat about 11 of them.

I'll be staying tuned to find out how those Meatball Sliders with Provolone and the Southwestern Egg Rolls turned out as well. I might have to make some for myself.

By the way Morgan, I tried to get Dawgola to do the question part of the blogger award, but he wouldn't agree to telling the world that one of his fun facts was watching "Never Been Kissed" and eating Ben and Jerry's in his bathrobe while wearing his pink bunny house slippers. I'll bet if you twist his arm hard enough he'd do it.

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