Monday, March 28, 2011

Nerds Find a New Dungeons and Dragons Lover

After striking out on their first two candidates, the North Avenue Trade School has successfully lured away Brian Gregory of Dayton. While I really don't care how this hire looks for Tech, it certainly doesn't look like he was their ideal candidate, which is always a plus initially.

The main concern here is how does this look for Georgia. After all, even though Hewitt was completely inept at actually coaching, his recruiting tactics were good enough to keep him around long enough to steal more than a few in-state guys away and lead the Brainiac Brigade to some nice victories.

My initial thoughts on this hire for UGA are pretty positive. Despite Radakovich's pledge that Tech's financial situation would play a role in the hiring, it obviously did, as the sexy picks (Chaka Smart & Brad Stevens) are still on the board. I really didin't think an upper-echelon mid-major guy would have a chance anyway, but that was just my early ruminations on the subject.

Gregory's record at Dayton hasn't been ridiculously impressive (172-94), though it has been solid, and his best recruit to date would be current senior Chris Wright, who averaged just over 13 PPG and pulled down 8.5 boards a game. He's a part of the Tom Izzo coaching tree, just as Tom Crean and USF head coach Stan Heath.

All in all, Tech could've done a little better in my opinion. Honestly, on paper, this doesn't look like a bad hire. Not a big splash hire, but just ok. The one thing that sticks out to me is that he just doesn't look like he fits the mold of a Tech coach. No offense, but Tech doesn't have the best record when it comes to graduating players, and that's basically what every player that goes through Michigan State does. Going from Dayton to Atlanta also looks like an uphill battle in the recruiting arena as well. I know that's pretty weak sauce, but this just doesn't feel like a great hire for Tech, which is good news to me.

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