Monday, March 7, 2011

NCAA Tournament Blind Resumés

Due to our mostly apathetic performance at Alabama over the weekend, UGA now finds itself squarely on the NCAA bubble. So how do we compare with some of the other bubble teams? Below are some of the current "bubble teams" with the ever popular "blind resumé". Supposedly, this is one thing to selection committee does to "objectively" look at each team. For the hardcore college hoops fan, this makes quite a challenging puzzle. For the rest of us...well, once you see the answers at the bottom you will get the point:

Key: SOS=Strength of Schedule. Conference record is listed in ( ).

18-12 (8-8)
RPI: 72
SOS: 70
Good wins (vs. RPI top 50): 5
(vs. top 100): 7
Bad Losses (to RPI 100-149): 3
(to RPI 150+): 0

19-10 (9-7)
RPI: 68
SOS: 93
Good W's (vs. RPI top 50): 2
(vs. RPI top 100): 7
Bad L's (to RPI 100-149): 2
(to RPI 150+): 1

20-10 (9-7)
RPI: 37
SOS: 35
Good W's (vs. RPI top 50): 3
(vs. RPI top 100): 5
Bad L's (to RPI 100-149): 0
(to RPI 150+): 0

19-11 (9-7)
RPI: 43
SOS: 25
Good W's (vs. RPI top 50): 1
(vs. RPI top 100): 7
Bad L's (to RPI 100-149): 0
(to RPI 150+): 1

SPOILER ALERT -- Guess what? According to Lunardi, only teams A, B, and D are the ones who are "IN" (team C is "out"). So who are the mystery teams? Here you go -- the answers are as follows -- TEAM A: Colorado, TEAM B: Va Tech, TEAM C: UGA, TEAM D: Boston College. I still say we're in but...what do I know.

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  1. Joe Lunardi is an idiot? I keed, I keed.