Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Might Pearl's Departure Attract ANOTHER 2011 Recruit?

Only a day after inking their fourth commit for the 2011 basketball recruiting class, another prospect has now emerged. In the wake of Pearl's firing, four-star, Conyers, GA combo guard Kevin Ware (6-4 170) has asked to be released from his LOI from Tennessee. Now, this doesn't mean that UGA is a lock for him (assuming he gets his full release), but we will have another scholly to fill assuming Trey is gone, so we would certainly be in his top five (based on his initial recruitment.)

As for his game, here is an excerpt from his ESPN profile:

Ware is a tremendous pure athlete who is learning every day how to play the game of basketball. Many have compared him to Randy Moss who has been one of the better athletes of his time. Ware has consistently improved his overall game and shooting ability over the past year. When he has a good point guard with him that allows him to get out on the break there could be none better in the class at finishing above the rim. Ware is the true meaning of slasher who has made himself a more consistent pull-up jump shooter inside the arc.

Kevin has struggled at times with his perimeter stroke behind the arc. He has been very inconsistent which must improve. Most of those shots came off the dribble where he was responsible for creating for himself. At times this summer when put into a primary ball-handling role his struggles with ball-handling were revealed. The pressure sped him up at times and he was turnover prone when the ball was in his hands. The one surprise was his lack of great hands. He seemed to struggle catching balls and grabbing rebounds because he lacks soft hands.

As you can see in the video below, there are a LOT of things to like about this guy. He definitely looks like a typical Tennessee Vol guard, which means athleticism and length.

One more thing regarding hoops recruiting: the head coaching dismissals of UGA's two biggest recruiting competitors (GA Tech and Tennessee) SHOULD mean good news for Coach Fox and company. In recent years, those two schools have snagged more recruits from the state of Georgia than any other school it seems. And with 2012 looking like a HUGE year for the state of Georgia in terms of basketball recruiting, the relationships already established by Fox with these recruits should pay dividends when they make their college choices. Just a thought.


  1. Anything on the direction of Julian Royal?

  2. Looking ahead to the 2012 class for basketball,what are dawgs chances of signing guys like Jordan Adams,Shaq Goodwin,Damien Wilson and so on?

  3. Anon 8:50,

    I kind of doubt we would take Royal at this point. We have already signed three big men for 2011 and I think K. Ware would be of higher priority right now (because we lose D. Ware/Robinson after this year). Then again, if Kevin Ware decides to go elsewhere, I guess Royal might still be an option.

    Anon 10:14,

    I actually think UGA is J. Adams' and Shaq Goodwin's leader right now. I don't really think we have much of a chance on Wilson (for some reason he has appeared to lose interest). We also obviously have a good chance on Evan Nolte because he has listed Virginia and UGA as his final schools. I'm also feeling we lose Tony Parker to tOSU.