Monday, March 21, 2011

Logan Gray Possibly Transferring to Colorado

Somehow I missed last week where Logan has been talking to coaches in Boulder about playing for the Buffs next season. He confirmed on Sunday that he has indeed been doing just that. Speaking to the Boulder Daily Camera Gray said:

“I’d say Colorado is probably the biggest Division I school that has shown a lot of interest to far,” he said. “I honestly just want to get on the field and try to make an impact for whatever team I go to and really just try to help them win games. I obviously have one year left, so I`m trying to have as big an impact at a school as I possibly can.” (Find the story HERE)

If you can find anything bad to say about Logan Gray, you're probably just a mean person. Sticking around at UGA in his junior season when he knew his only role would be as a 6th WR is something only a DGD would do. Going out there and seeing how gorgeous the surroundings were probably had something to do with his interest, but the biggest factor might be that he has a brother in school there as well.

I hope only the best for him in his future ventures. It took a pretty big person to do what he did. Best of luck kid.

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  1. It seems like only a year or two ago,Logan chose to come to UGA.I remember thinking why here when Missouri (his home state) wanted him badly.Since high school QB's are usually the best athletes on their teams,I didn't complain.

    He had a hard time climbing the depth chart despite his athletic ability.He sure tried to make the best of his time at UGA.

    Good luck to Logan in the future...

    old dawg (who's seen a lot)