Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jim Tressell Stars in "The Ring", Only This Time Terrell Pryor Comes Out of the TV to Kill You

Around Christmas, news broke of Terrell Pryor and his teammate's ink-for-rings dealings in Columbus. The above video should refresh your memory if it fails you. Sweatervest and Ohio State claimed that they had no knowledge of the situation until December of last year and gave Terrell and friends a nice slap on the wrist so as to not offend the ratings gods.

Yahoo! Sports (which is quickly becoming my favorite investigative info source) is reporting that Tressell knew of the scheme more than eight months before the school acknowledged it. This isn't good could result in timeout for Tressell considering the amount of stuff he could be "charged" with if ***NCAA investigators*** find he knowingly witheld information from the OSU compliance office. Standard "failure to maintain an atmosphere of compliance" rates may apply.

This would be a huge story if it weren't Jim Tressell and didn't involve ACTUAL NEFARIOUS ACTIVITIES and increasing/maintaining TV revenues. Yahoo! seems to think that this is a big deal, but at this point I have ZERO faith that the NCAA will do anything of consequence. They just slap the compliant atmosphere card down and mean mug all concerned parties.

***I used to think that these NCAA people were the guys that drove around black helicopters and blew up programs if they got caught doing things the wrong way. Now I think it's more like one of those meter cops that gives you a ticket when you're 5 minutes over. It's a ticket, but not really- just stash it in the dash and hope that you don't get caught 7-13 more times. I mean... what are they gonna do, put a boot on your car? OOOOOO, I'm shakin' in my boots...***

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