Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Jim Tressel Story: "Why Most Coaches Pay Double for that Cotton"


Last night, the...uh.."hammer" was thrust upon Jim Tressel and Ohio State. In the midst of alleged NCAA violations -- touched on yesterday by Van Dawgin no less -- Tressel has been officially punished after it was deemed he "failed to report potential violations of NCAA rules". In case you are late to the party, basically what happened is several tOSU players (including Terrell Pryor) received improper benefits from a tattoo parlor in Columbus. These players have already been suspended (in Pryor's case, five games next season) but Tressel has been playing the "Whoa? I didn't know what was happening" card. As it turned out, he DID know, and was informed of the events from an "unnamed" lawyer via email in April of 2010. But you's only been like...almost a year big deal.

So what is his punishment? Two main things (both from Ohio State, not the NCAA):
  1. Tressel has been fined $250,000. Ouchie.
  2. He has been suspended the first two games of next season. I in the world will Ohio State manage against the likes of Akron and Toledo? (I'm not even being sarcastic, those are literally their first two games -- Back-to-back MACtion) I'm sure OSU fans will be sweating it out for those two. (side note: I will literally be sweating out during our second game, but more because of the 145% humidity in Athens)
Another issue here is whether his punishment was enough. I do think it is funny how the Bucks' third game is their return trip to Miami. Do you think this has anything to do with the specific "two-game" suspension against trash teams? Then again, I'm no expert so maybe his punishment is fair, but I would like some sort of "standard" for these major NCAA violations. It's sort of become a "well, that sounds like a good number" situation (we should know from first hand experience in this -- North Carolina should DEFINITELY know).

I hate to be so blunt but it has become obvious to me that Tressel is two things: (a) a good coach and (b) a scumbag. I mean, it was alleged his players received improper benefits when he was a Youngstown State! Unfortunately, his crookedness has been largely ignored because of his "clean, senatorial-like" appearance. The only problem is that underneath that sweatervest and tie is a cocaine-laced hooker party...and he finally got caught.

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