Thursday, March 17, 2011

It Appears That Bruce Pearl's Days May Be Numbered in KnoxVegas

Radio personality Chad Withrow of Knoxville's 104.5 The Zone was doing an on-air interview with Chris Low, who covers the SEC for ESPN, last night and Chris seemed to think that Bruce Pearl's tenure in T-town is winding down.

Chris Low is reporting that Bruce Pearl is out as Tennessee's Basketball Coach. Just said it on-air with me.
less than a minute ago via web

To clarify Chris Low said on air "The writing is on the wall," and he expects Bruce Pearl out after season.
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While nothing is concrete, Mike Hamilton admitted late last night that Pearl's status with Tennessee next season has yet to be determined and will be evaluated after the NCAA tournament. Actually, his exact words regarding the subject were:

"I think that we've done a lot of soul-searching about the direction of our program and we'll continue to do that, and we'll decide after we're out of the NCAA tournament what the direction is that we're going to go next." (sourced above)


"If we win some games and look pretty good down there we'll just sweep all that lyin' and cheatin' stuff under the rug and drown it with some laundered money. If we lose early, we'll just can him and find someone who can be a little less blatant with their sweaty, cheating tendencies."

Tim Floyd, next stop- Knoxville. 

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