Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Like Mark Fox ALLOT* BUT...

I love this guy... but is he a hot commodity yet? Give it some time.

Is it really warranted that he is "getting heavy interest" in the vacant NC State job? Don't get me wrong here, but I think it may be a little premature on Debbie Yow's part to be claiming interest in luring away Fox after year two in Athens. It has been reported that she'd be willing to offer Fox, Texas' Rick Barnes, Zona's Sean Miller, or the perennial job-jumper Tubby Smith around $3 million.

Let me say that I think Fox is a fantastic coach and is going to do wonders for this program, BUT he's only had two seasons at the helm and has NBA level talent at AT LEAST two positions in both of his years here. He had a strong resume from Nevada and can couple that with some early "success" at Georgia, but I wouldn't be so quick on the trigger.

Just look at his resume objectively. And I know that some of you are going to be down right offended by this post, but his body of work doesn't jump off the map just yet (even though I think it's very good). We lost far to many games this year that were double-digit leads and at some points when teams changed their offense or defense, we looked completely confounded and stuck with the game plan(Vandy at the 8:00 mark in the 2nd half is a great example).

We've definitely improved in the time Fox has been here, but if I were picking up-and-comers he probably wouldn't be on the short list just yet. I think next year will be a litmus test year for him, as he'll have players that he mostly recruited, signed, and tutored. Like I said though, I think he'll be getting a little pay bump for this year's success, but leaving for another program... I'm not so sure just yet.

What do you think? (Beside that you think I'm a big fat dummy for saying this)

*ALLOT: made-up message board mish-mash word #2


  1. I was really perplexed by that rumor as well.

    Four things: A) Still not convinced it's legit. B) Interesting that some outside the program see Mark Fox as such a miracle worker that writers/rumor mongers would place him on a short list.
    C) Fox would have to be insane to fork over a 2 mil buyout to work for the equally insane Yow.
    D) I'll like Fox "ALLOT" more if he manages to get us through a non-blowout loss in the tourney. Hell, I'll kiss his feet if he manages to beat the tarholes in the 2nd round.

  2. He's not going anywhere and NC State isn't a more attractive option anyway. Yes, they have a rich tradition, but they also have to recruit against Duke and the 'heels. Fox has embraced his new digs and now that Tech is in such disarray, he's primed for a huge haul in the loaded 2012 class...and he's got Caldwell-Pope on board next season.

  3. If Yow thinks so, I guess she will be willing to pay so much and he may actually be that good and potentially competitive enough for the ACC.

  4. It may also be one of those rumors that usually comes from the management company athletes and coaches to increase worth and get better contract for Fox from UGA.