Friday, March 18, 2011

Georgia vs. Washington Preview

Well, later today Van Dawgin and I will make the trek up to Charlotte to see our beloved Bulldogs. And by the sound of it, there might be a nice crowd of Dawg fans joining us up there. We figured this: (a) it's the best possible location out of the eight pods we could possibly play, and (b) UGA going to the Big Dance is like the Olympics -- it only happens about once every four years. I mean, if we drove all the way to Stillwater to see us get smashed, why not take a few hour drive up north?

Anyway, Washington to me is how I looked at Little League All-Star baseball games as a kid; you just assume the other team is better than you for no other reason than you haven't seen them play yet. And in Washington's case -- a team that averages about 83 points a game -- that mindset could be in full effect. But consider this: although we haven't beaten a ton of great teams this season, our worst loss (in terms of margin) is to Florida by 13 -- in DOUBLE OVERTIME. So, I would be very disappointed if we got blown out in this one.

In case you haven't watched the talking heads on TV, U-Dub's best player is 5-9 point guard Isaiah Thomas. Although he might not be quite as good as the original Isaiah on the court, he is probably a bet GM right now. Thomas averages 16.8 PPG to go along with 6.0 assists per game -- not too shabby. He is the proverbial "jitterbug" of the team. On the low post, they are led by 6-9 240 lb Matthew Bryan-Amaning, who averages 15.5 PPG and 8.1 Rebounds. He could be tough to guard. My prediction: Jeremy Price has two fouls with 16:34 left in the first half. The even tougher thing about Washington is their depth. They have TEN guys that average 15 minutes per game or more. That is just staggering. Let's hope the refs let them play because we don't have the horses.

To be honest, I said before this season that I would be disappointed if we didn't make the Dance. So no matter what happens tonight, I guess I can't complain. Of all the 7-10 matchups this season, this one looks the most lopsided on paper. But consider this: both 7-10 matchups were played yesterday and both the 7 seeds won. And if Florida State loses today (4:10), a 10-seed is certainly due to win...let's do this!

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