Monday, March 14, 2011

Dawg Fans to Bama: Have Fun in the NIT Losers

Apparently, the NCAA selection committee had a much higher opinion on the Dawgs than most. Likewise, they wouldn't feed Alabama to their dogs (pardon the pun). Am I surprised? Hell no. Not when Bama's best non-conference win is against Lipscomb.

Anyway, not only did we get in, but we easily avoided that potentially disastrous "first-four" game in Dayton, by getting a 10-seed. We'll play the 7-seeded Washington Huskies (who we will preview later in the week) in the first round at ~9:45pm on Friday, and the game is being played in Charlotte at the Time Warner Cable Arena (I assume this is where the Bobcats play).

According to the talking heads, we play in probably the toughest bracket. I will post something more coherent later in the day (about tickets, the tournament as whole, etc.), but I wanted to introduce the initial news (a day later no less).

BTW, here is what I hope does NOT happen to the Dawgs in this year's Tourney:


  1. you are talking smack about a school that beat us twice?? I'm glad we made it to the tournament but I'm afraid we are going to lose in the same fashion we have been losing...going up by double digits and then letting the team come back to beat us. We got lucky to be invited and I certainly wouldn't start talking bad about other teams less fortunate and who have beaten us

  2. Obviously the title of the post was a little sarcastic. I wouldn't call us "lucky" to be invited either. As for Bama, I don't feel sorry for them when their best non-conference win is Lipscomb. New Mexico beat BYU twice, so should we put New Mexico in? No.

  3. I think some of Dawgola Tesla's words can be correlated back to Bama talking "smack" after they beat us. They tried to take a lucky win (timeout called on the play when UGA's game-winning field goal went in) and rub our noses in it.

    They deserve all the smack talk there is particularly when their body of work doesn't pass the smell test that ours did. RPI means a great deal and Coach Fox knew that. It also didn't hurt for Kentucky to win the SEC since we beat them early on. We played the toughest teams in the SEC in our division as can be determined by the seeding. Stick it where the sun don't shine, Anon.

    Good Dawg, Dawgola. 'Pat, Pat', good Dawg. Sic'em!!