Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BYU Super-Soph Breaks Honor Code: Drinks Coffee And Gets Suspended

Brandon Davies, a 6'9 230-lb. Mormon wrecking ball, has been suspended from the team for violating the school's honor code. He averages 11.1 ppg, 1.5 apg, and a little over 6 rpg. He's the Cougars leading low-post scorer and is a HUGE defensive/rebounding specialist. This is a gigantic loss for BYU and will likely be a big stumbling block for their NCAA hopes.

As for why Davies was suspended, I've heard rumors of getting a girl pregnant. While that certainly wouldn't be a concern to any other program, at BYU you're liable to be hanged for it. See the honor code above for details.

Well why do I care? Joe Lundardi has BYU as a #1 right now. Even though I don't think that's going to happen, if we make a run and get a #8 or #9 seed and win our first game, there's a 25% chance we'd end up drawing the Cougars. In most projections we're not on that side, but there's never any guarantee that you won't have to play in another region with that low of a seed. So, there's at least a small probability that Jimmer would rain down 47 32-foot threes on us.

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  1. Great. Now I am having recurring nightmares about Jimmy Chitwood and the Dawgs getting caught watching the paint dry.