Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bruce Feldman: Isaiah Crowell Darkhorse for Heisman

Literally, I laughed out loud when I read this little blurb from ESPN's Bruce Feldman on the Dawgs new claimed "ULTRABACK". It isn't that Isaiah doesn't have the potential, it's just the fact that he's never stepped foot on a college football field. In fact, he's the only guy on the list that has yet to step foot on campus.

I really hope that IC has the type of year that he's considered in that category, but he'd have to run for about 1500 yards and 18 TD's, which I just don't see mainly because, lest we forget, he has two guys ahead of him who have proven they can actually carry the ball in college.

While I think he'll end up having the majority of the carries at season's end, I think the fact that three kids will be splitting those won't allow him to have the gaudy numbers necessary. Also don't forget the fact that, unless you're Tim Tebow, your team pretty much has to be in the National Championship game to be considered for the award.

Isaiah wasn't the only head scratcher on this list however. Here are some of his "Dark Horses" for 2011. I think some of them might be more appropriately named "Pitch Black Horses".

1. Geno Smith/QB/West Viriginia: So just because Dana Holgorsen is the new OC, Smith is tops on this list? No way. Not enough Geritol for Grandpa Stewart to pass around to get this guy any consideration.

4. Ryan Tannehill/QB/Texas A&M: Was a receiver for half of the season last year + being on a team coached by Mike Sherman = NO CHANCE.

6. Brock Osweiler/QB/Arizona State: I've never even heard of this guy. Another also-ran NFL coach runs the show and everyone in Devil-Town is expecting 10 wins. Probably good for 7-6 and an offensive line with 136 sacks allowed on the season.

10 (a). Jeff Godfrey/QB/UCF: Aaron Murray anyone????

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