Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adios, Fiesta Bowl?

Fiesta Bowl CEO, -- or should I say former CEO -- John Junker, has apparently been quite charitable lately -- a little TOO charitable. Fiesta Bowl organizers have accused Junker of reimbursing employees for charitable donations and then covering them up. The apparent reimbursements, which dates back to 2002, coupled with "excessive compensation, non-business and inappropriate expenditures", leaves quite a bruise on Junker and the Fiesta Bowl. In layman's terms, Junker spent a lot of F-U money on F-U stuff. In addition to a $33,000 party at Pebble Beach spent for Junker, there was also a $1,200 strip club tab from Junker, and $13,000 spent for the wedding of one of Junker's assistants...sounds like a fun guy at least. There was other stuff as well but those were among the most outlandish items I saw. The problem is, it was Bowl money, NOT from Junker's checkbook. And yes...Junker has since been axed.

With Junker now fired, Fiesta Bowl officials must now justify their inclusion in the BCS, even though three years are left on the contract. If the BCS decides to nix the Fiesta Bowl, they would undoubtedly look to replace it with another current bowl. The leading candidate would most likely be the Cotton Bowl (just my opinion) for the following reasons:
  1. The Cotton Bowl used to be a major bowl (you old-timers should remember that) before the Southwest Conference self-imploded.
  2. "Jerrah" Jones' new stadium should be a more than adequate place to hold a major bowl
  3. It's only two states over from Arizona so it's a somewhat close geographically.
I should also point out that Atlanta (Chick-Fil-A Bowl) would/should certainly be considered; It's a very well-run bowl, Atlanta can certainly accommodate everyone involved, the city has a nice, mild climate, and it's in a dome. Everything you need. Eff the Sugar Bowl!!!!

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