Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Xavier Game Recap

DEFON 1 here we come -- just a horrendous performance by the Dawgs last night. What this loss means is that we MUST finish the conference 9-7 or else it's NIT City. I could rant for about 17 paragraphs about our team right now but I will try to keep it simple.

First, here are the positives from last night:
  • Ware made two threes (one of which was meaningless)
  • Leslie converted an ally-oop
  • We played pretty good defense until the end of the game.
  • Nolte and Vince Williams' ass imprints on the bench seats were very symmetrical
  • A couple of the refs looked old so maybe they'll retire soon (or something worse)
  • The half-time show included a Chinese woman on an eight-foot unicycle flipping bowls onto her head...very cool
Now the bad:
  • Robinson has gone off the deep end a bit; he makes horrible passes, takes horrible shots, doesn't make said shots, and turns the ball over too much.
  • Leslie can't shoot. I mean...he really can't drive to the basket either. Most of his contributions are on defense and rebounding/put backs.
  • Ware is not shooting enough. I don't know why we can't get him an open shot but he's our best shooter and has been increasingly obsolete the past two games.
  • Barnes and Price reverted to their normal, sucking, missed layup filled selves last night.
  • The refs sucked big time...even by whiny fan standards.
  • Not a lot of fans at the game -- maybe 3/4 full (standing room only by Dennis Felton standards though). Not that this matters...Tennessee and Florida were sellouts and we lost those too.
  • Oh, I almost forgot another guy who can't shoot: Mr. Trey "Back Iron" Thompkins. I think he has a negative three-point percentage's pretty close anyway.
The biggest negative is that our margin for error now is basically zero. We now have to win all of our remaining "toss up" games to make it to 9-7 -- @S.C., Vandy, and @Alabama. If not, we're going to need one hellacious run in the SEC Tourney to impress the selection committee.


  1. We don't need to win all of those games you mentioned.

    @ SC
    vs Vandy
    vs SC
    vs LSU

    Win those 4 and we would be 9-6 going into the Bama game.

  2. Anon 9:19

    Thanks for the correction...but as you mentioned, we still need to get to 9-7 to have a chance. The game this weekend is quite large.

  3. Robinson's regression has been precipitous and horribly disappointing. He needs to have his off-ball arm surgically attached to his body so that he can't push off when he drives.